Terms and Conditions of sale

1.      Introduction and commercial policy

Dante5.com website is owned and is managed by Dante 5 Donna srl.

Dante 5 Donna srl owns the store Dante 5.

Dante 5 is registered at the “Registro delle Imprese” of Bari (Italy) with Tax Code and VAT no. 06549960729, with legal and administrative address in Via Dante, 50-52-54, Italy.

The following General Conditions of Sale solely regulate the presentation, the offer, the submission and the confirmation of orders of goods shown on the website dante5.com.

The necessary conditions to effectively proceed with a purchase on the dante5.com website are as follows:

  • Being older than 18 years old.
  • Owning a personal and valid e-mail account.
  • Possessing the necessary requirements to access and stipulate legally binding contracts according to the Italian laws.
  • Owning a credit card for identification and payments: American Express, Visa, Master Card, PayPal, or a checking account for wire transfers.
  • Commercial transactions exclusively involve products published on the dante5.com website until sell out.
  • The dante5.com selling channel exclusively addresses the “final consumers” as defined by the “Codice del Consumo”, i.e. any individual who operates on dante5.com not associated to any commercial, professional or business activity.

Dante5.com reserves the right to deny orders not in accordance with the above commercial policy.


2.      Contract Conclusion


In order to successfully finalize the purchase of one or more items on dante5.com, the buyer can either fill in a registration form consequently accepting all the sale conditions or purchase an item without registering.

In any case, it is necessary to fill in the order form available on the dante5.com website by following the instructions. The completed order form is then automatically forwarded to the web site administration.

Specifically, the order form summarizes information about the purchased item as follows:

  • basic  information on each selected and ordered item
  • price, taxes and fee information
  • payment terms
  • shipping fees and conditions
  • right of withdrawal information
  • terms of sales and return policy.

Before placing the order, the buyer shall accept the General Sale Conditions, the policy for web site use and double-check his registration data.

Dante5.com cautions against forwarding the order form if the buyer does not agree to any of the General Sale Conditions; otherwise no purchase agreement will be considered valid.

Dante5.com will not accept a purchasing order in case of insufficient funds, incomplete or incorrect order forms, or in case the item is not available in stock. In any of the above mentioned cases, the buyer will be immediately informed via e-mail that the purchase agreement was not accepted and that dante5.com will not proceed with the order.

If an item is out of stock or becomes unavailable after the buyer has checked the website and the order is forwarded, dante5.com will promptly warn the buyer (at the latest within 30 days from the following day the order was placed).

In case the buyer had already finalized the purchase by paying the amount due, dante5.com will refund the customer without any hesitation and unjustified delay.


3.      Sales procedures


The offer of the products on this website depends on the actual availability of the product.

The buyer who wants to proceed with a purchase on this website needs to forward a request in the proper section, place an order and make the payment following the instructions.

The payment data inserted will be forwarded and managed exclusively by Dante5 Donna srl, the company that owns dante5.com, seated in Bari (Italy), Via Dante, 50-52-54, 70121.

The technical phases to conclude the Contract are as follows:

  • The buyer needs to sign-up on the website by submitting a valid e-mail address.
  •  The registered buyer can select the item to be purchased and automatically place it in the "cart" where the shipping fees can be calculated before placing the order and proceeding with the payment.
  • To finalize the order, the buyer must specify the shipping address, insert any other required information regarding the payment method (credit card or PayPal information) and click on the “purchase” button.

The validity of any contract will depend on the actual availability of the product.


4.      Rights and Obligations of Dante5.com


Product delivery: dante5.com is responsible for delivering the products to the address chosen by the customer in the purchase order by means of the selected courier. dante5.com will not be held responsible in case of delivery problems caused by incorrect or incomplete data on the order form. Moreover, dante5.com will not be held responsible for damage to the purchased items after they have been handed over to the selected courier or for any delivery delays caused by the courier. In the above mentioned cases, the courier is to be held responsible.

Product unavailability: Dante 5.com will advise the buyer if one or more products on his order are not available by sending an e-mail to the address registered on his profile within 20 days from the purchase date. In this case, Dante 5.com will refund the customer (on his credit card or PayPay account) the price of the unavailable item together with the shipping fees if there are no other items requested in his order.


5.      Rights and Obligations of the client


The client is the only one responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information and data given to dante5.com during the registration and purchase process. Any changes in his personal data should be promptly notified.

During the purchase confirmation the client must declare that he has read, understood and accepted the General Sale Conditions and that he authorizes Dante5.com to handle his recorded personal data.

After any purchase, the client commits to saving and printing out a copy of the contract and the General Sale Conditions.

Payment procedures: if requested by dante5.com, the client must send a copy of his identity document within 24 hours in order to prove his identity as the credit card holder. If the client neglects, dante5.com may reject and cancel the order without any liability.

The order confirmation receipt will be available on the web page and can be printed out using the dedicated link.


5.1  Mandatory check of goods


At time of delivery, the customer must check, in the presence of the courier, that:


a)      the products and their quality match that stated on their Bill of Lading;


b)      the packaging is intact without any damage, is not wet and is still well sealed.


c)      the products and their quality match that indicated on the purchase order


Any discrepancy must be immediately pointed out to the courier service at the time of delivery and notified on the waybill.


6.      Guarantees


Dante5.com sells only first quality and luxury products and does not sell second hand, irregular or low quality products.


The main characteristics of each item are displayed on the product description card available on dante5.com. However, the images and colors of some items displayed on dante5.com might not match the actual description due to internet browser and monitor faults.



7.      Effectiveness and updating of the General Sale Conditions


The General Conditions of Sale within are published on dante5.com in order to be read by the customer before purchasing an item. The customer needs to agree, save and print them before placing an order.

The General Sales Conditions referring to the sale of an item are those published on the website on the same date of the item order.


8.      Trademarks and domain names


Dante5.com is the exclusive owner of logos and brand names registered as dante5.com, Dante5 and any other distinctive mark including the word “dante5” and its domain name dante5.com.

All logos present on the products sold on dante5.com are renowned brands already registered by their respective owners and used on dante5.com with the exclusive purpose of distinguishing, describing and advertising each product on sale in dante5.com.


9.      Applicable law and disputes settlements


The General Sale Conditions regulate the contract relationship regarding the purchase made via Dante5.com web site. For other aspects not expressly detailed in the present General Sale Conditions, we refer to the dispositions present in the actual Italian laws, in particular the following:


  • Legislative Decree n.114 - March 31st, 1998 – regarding the reform of the commerce regulations.
  • Legislative Decree n.185 - May 22nd, 1999 – regarding protection of consumers’ rights concerning distance contracts.
  • Legislative Decree n.24 - February 2nd, 2002 – regarding aspects regarding other sales and consumer warranty.
  • Legislative Decree n.70 - April 9th, 2003 – regarding aspects concerning electronic commerce.
  • Legislative Decree n.196 - June 30th, 2003 – regarding laws concerning personal data protection.


10.  Court jurisdiction


Any dispute between Dante5.com and the final user will be disputed in the Court of Law in Bari.


11.  Customer Service Contacts  


The user can request any information on dante5.com exclusively by means of our on-line Customer Service or by writing to customercare@dante5.com

For further information please access the Help area.

Return Policy


The items which have not been used can be returned within 28 days from their receiving date.

The identification tags of the returned items must be intact.



  1. In order to exercise his right of withdrawal, the customer must send a request to customercare@dante5.com specifying the item code.
  2. Once dante5.com receives the request of withdrawal, the customer will receive an email with the confirmation and a Return Authorization Number
  3. Then, waybill will have to be filled-in as explained in the authorization letter received by the Returns Department showing the return authorization number. (The courier will be provided with a waybill at pick-up)
  4. All shipping fees and customs taxes regarding the returned items must be paid by the customer.
  5. Items must be returned within 28 days from its receiving date.



  • The identification tag of the returned items must be intact. The items must not have been worn or washed and must not show any signs of wear. The soles of shoes must be in flawless conditions.
  • Each item must be returned together with its identification tag, packaging and original accessories.
  • Footwear and accessories must be returned in their original box, which is considered part of the product and must not show any damage.
  • In the case of faulty goods or any shipping mistakes on Dante5.com part, the above listed instructions must be followed. Dante5.com might ask for photographic proof before authorizing returns of faulty items and payment of shipping fees.



Before placing a purchasing order on dante5.com, the customer must agree to the use of his personal data in compliance with Legislative Decree 196, art. 13 of June 30, 2003 according to the Personal Data Protection Code and to the following conditions:


1.    Data controller


The data controller of the data collected and handled on www.dante5.com (according to Legislative Decree N. 196, June 30, 2003) is the Dante5 Donna Srl (“dante5.com) company registered at the “Registro delle Imprese di Bari”, C.F./P.IVA 06549960729, situated at Via Dante 50-54, 70121 BARI – ITALY.


2.      Mandatory or optional nature of data disclosure


The personal data of each user collected on the web site www.dante5.com might be necessary in order to proceed with the buying and selling process, or might have a merely optional nature.

The mandatory or optional nature of data disclosure is specified each time. There will be an (*) mark when the data is mandatory.

If the customer fails to disclose any mandatory data, it will not be possible to proceed with the buying and selling agreement and enable the conclusion of the contract. For example, it will not be possible to finalize a purchase when the shipping address is missing

In this matter we must emphasize that any missing or incorrect mandatory information might make it impossible for dante5.com to guarantee a correct treatment, exempting dante5.com from any liability towards the customer and freeing dante5.com from any consequences resulting from incorrect or missing information.

In order to guarantee the exactness of his personal data, the customer should promptly inform dante5.com in case of any changes by sending an e-mail to customercare@dante5.com.

Furthermore, data required for marketing and commercial purposes are optional but they require the customer’s agreement.


3.      Purpose of Data treatment


Personal data are collected and handled by Dante5.com for purposes regarding the use of services offered by the web-site and with the purchase of products with regard to:

  • the subscribing process necessary to permit access to the reserved areas of  dante5.com;
  • the forwarding of newsletters via e-mail;
  • customer care services;
  • the purchasing process on dante5.com;
  • provision of technical assistance services.


In most cases, personal data are in digital format and occasionally on paper (for example if necessary to avoid frauds on dante5.com).

Personal data are stored in order to enable identification within the period of time that is strictly necessary to achieve the specified purpose, and in any case never exceed that stated in the current legislation.

Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties for purposes not in accordance with the law or without customer consent. They might be disclosed to third parties only if necessary to complete the contract process; for example, credit card number, expiration date and security code would be necessary in case of a credit card transaction and will be returned to the bank in charge of the process (in this case Banca Sella). Moreover, data might be disclosed to anti-fraud services through a cryptographic protocol without access to third parties. In any case, these data would never be stored and displayed on dante5.com.

Dante5.com implements safety measures in order to minimize risks of destruction, loss of data, unauthorized access and handling of data or treatment of data not consistent with their purposes as stated in the Privacy Policy.

However, dante5.com cannot guarantee that these safety measures taken to enhance the security of the web-site and a safe transmission of data and information, would limit and avoid any risks of unauthorized access and data loss caused by the user’s device. Consequently, we advise users to make sure that their computer safety software is updated (for example, antivirus software) and their Internet provider has taken appropriate measures to guarantee a safe internet data transmission; otherwise, dante5.com will not be responsible for any problems caused to the user.      

Dante5.com might handle personal data of third parties disclosed by users viewing the web site or during a purchase process; for example, when a purchased item needs to be shipped to a friend, that is, when the subject paying differs from the product receiver, or when the user wants to recommend to a friend a specific service or a product on sale provided by dante5.com.

In the above mentioned cases, dante5.com will send to the third party the information required by Art. 13, Legislative Decree n. 196/2003. However, it is the user who must request the third party’s consent to disclose his personal data to dante5.com and inform him regarding its Privacy Policy, because only he will be responsible for the disclosure of personal data without the third party’s consent and for data incorrect or not-according-to-law. The third party’s consent will not be necessary only if his data are disclosed to dante5.com to finalize the contract procedure for his exclusive benefit.


4.      Data treatment modalities


Data treatment might be carried out in different ways: electronic, paper format, fax etc.

Personal data handling occurs in accordance with the Privacy Code (art. 11, 31 and following) and by the adoption, in compliance with the disciplinary measures included in the Annex B, of the minimum security measures regulated in the Privacy Code, Art. 35.

Dante5.com might also acquire the faculty of using data also for commercial purposes or in reference to data banks in which information might be inserted, or for any other use.

Data are handled by the staff and partners of dante5.com.

Data will be communicated to third parties only upon the user’s consent, unless his consent is not required by law (for example, if requested by the Police, Judiciary or any other competent institution in order to carry out the obligations of the contract terms)

Moreover, for example, though not exclusively, data will be handled by:


  • DHL or UPS in order to carry out the shipping procedure, delivery and return of products purchased on dante5.com;
  • Banca Sella S.p.A. in order to make bank transfers, or payments with credit cards or PayPal.


5.        Client’s Rights


By sending an e-mail to customercare@dante5.com, the user can at any time exercise the rights indicated under Legislative Decree 196/2003, art. 7 (paragraph 3 and 4):

  • update, modify or integrate data when needed;
  • erase, anonymously modify, or block data treated against the law and data no longer necessary for their original purpose;
  • prove that the operations regarding the previous two points are brought to the attention (also in terms of its contents) of those to whom the data were communicated or disclosed, except for cases in which this fulfillment is impossible or requires means clearly disproportionate to the right being protected.
  • The user has also the right to take a position against the use of his personal data partially or completely:
  • for legitimate reasons regarding the processing of his personal data, even though pertinent to the purpose of their collection.
  • if his personal data are disclosed in order to promote advertising, direct sales, market research and commercial communications.


The user can request at any time an updated list of those handling his personal data by sending an e-mail to customercare@dante5.com.


6.      Changes and updates of the Privacy Policy on dante5.com


Dante5.com is allowed to modify or simply update, totally or partially, its Privacy Policy, due to possible changes occurring in the legislation regulating the present subject and safeguard of its rights. Any modifications and updates in the Privacy Policy of dante5.com will be promptly notified to the users on the dante5.com home page and they will be operative and binding as soon as published on the web site. Please, regularly visit the Home Page in order to verify the most recent and updated version of the Privacy Policy on dante5.com.


7.      Safety measures


Dante5.com adopts safety measures in order to minimize risks of:

  • destruction
  • loss of data
  • unauthorized access
  • treatment not in accordance with the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy.


Dante5.com, however, cannot guarantee that such measures provided to ensure the web site safety are always effective in case of unauthorized access or data loss caused by the user’s device.

For this reason, we advise the user to verify the effectiveness of the safety software on his computer and make sure his internet provider has taken appropriate measures for the security of data transmission in the network.

8.      Applicable Law and Referral Laws

The relationship between dante5.com and the user as regards to the matter of personal data protection is governed by the Italian legislation and particularly under Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003. Customers can check the Data Protection Supervisor web site at http://www.garanteprivacy.it/ to know their rights and get updates on the legislation regarding protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

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Rakuten Advertising may collect personal information when you interact with our digital property, including IP addresses, digital identifiers, information about your web browsing and app usage and how you interact with our properties and ads for a variety of purposes, such as personalization of offers or advertisements, analytics about how you engage with websites or ads and other commercial purposes. For more information about the collection, use and sale of your personal data and your rights, please use the below links:




Shipping Information

Shipping Terms

Shipments to Extra-EU countries are subject to customs fees, import duties and local taxes regulated by the laws of the country of residence. For all other non-EU countries, customs duties and taxes are paid by the customer on delivery by the shipping company.

Customers who live in countries that are not part of the European Union are exempt from VAT.

Shipping Timing and Costs

The orders are shipped in the shortest possible time as soon as the payment is authorized and the items are available. Orders are processed from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

All orders placed on weekends are processed on the following Monday morning. Moreover, orders placed on a holiday are processed on the next working day.


Delivery timing may vary depending on what time of day the order was placed.

Italy: items aregenerally delivered within 24-48 hours from shipment.

Europe: items aregenerally delivered within 3-5 working days.

United States, Canada, and Japan: items aregenerally delivered within 3-5 working days.

Rest of the World: items aregenerally delivered within 3-7 working days, depending on the country of destination.

The above mentioned estimated delivery times apply to major cities: an order confirmation e-mail will confirm the estimated delivery time depending on the destination.  In case of delivery delays, please, promptly inform our Customer Service. Also, please, provide a verified address for delivery.

Shipping fees are calculated at the time of purchase, depending on the country of destination.



The withdrawal/return form must be carefully and correctly filled in and sent to Dante5.com by clicking on the "send request" button. In order for the request to be valid it must be filed within 8 days from reception of the goods and the reasons of withdrawal/return must be stated.
Our customer care will respond to your request as soon as possible, providing all further indications for the return.
For any additional questions please contact our customercare: customercare@dante5.com



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